60 100% Natural Multivitamins for Men & Women, Vegan Vitamin D3, Calcium Magnesium Zinc K2 & Turmeric with Curcuminoids, Multivitamin and Minerals for Bone Health & Joint Care

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Short Description 

An essential power-packed blend with a daily dose of vitamins and minerals from 100% natural and fully traceable sources. Our formulation contains high-strength Turmeric extract that works as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It also contains calcium and magnesium from seawater along with Vitamin D3 and K2 which help in the maintenance of normal bones and joints.


Premium Quality Natural Ingredients, Backed By Science

Key Features

  • 100% natural and ethically sourced real food ingredients
  • Helps in the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function
  • Helps to improve bone quality and reduces the risk of fracture
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Easy to swallow capsules with no aftertaste
  • Free from: Chemicals, artificial colours, synthetics, gluten, additives, preservatives, fillers and binders
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11 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Supplement

1. Only Natural Real Food Ingredients

Our blend contains high-strength Turmeric extract with 95% curcuminoids which help reduce the inflammation in our bodies. We have also added Zinc from Guava, Calcium and Magnesium from Irish seawater. To help contribute absorption of Calcium we have also added essential Vitamin D3 and K2 for the overall maintenance of normal bones and joints.

2.High Strength Extracts in Highly Bioavailable Form

Nutrients are useless if our body cannot utilize them. We take no shortcuts and select only optimal strength high-quality plant extracts that provide benefits of the required amount of micronutrients in a small dosage and are highly absorbable.

3. Supports Bones, Joints and Muscles

Calcium, an important mineral for the maintenance of normal bones also need a team of other minerals such as D3, K2 and Magnesium to prevent a decline in bone mass and increased soft tissue calcification caused by aging. Zinc also is very required to support bone-building cells and inhibits the formation of cells that cause a bone breakdown.

4. Traceability

We have worked on the best quality product with premium quality ingredients with complete traceability. We source Magnesium and Calcium from Irish sea water, high-strength and Zinc rich Guava fruit extract from India, Natto beans standardized in Vitamin K2 from Japan and Vitamin D3 from an Algae source.

5. Ingredients Backed by Science

We have ensured that we use ingredients in our products that have scientific evidence to help improve the quality of bone and joints in the appropriate dosages. We have also ensured that all our ingredients complement each other and provide a maximum synergistic effect.

6. What We Have Not Added

100% RDA of Calcium, unlike many other supplements which may do more harm than good. The majority of the population gets some form of Calcium intake through a normal diet. Excess Calcium in the body can lead to bloating, gas, constipation and kidney stones. Some studies show taking a high dosage of Calcium intake could raise your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

7. Cost Effective

This synergistic blend helps you avoid taking individual products which combined can end up becoming a costly option.

8. Easy to Swallow Capsules

Capsule shape & size are carefully designed to help with swallowing and avoid gags. They disintegrate after ~20 minutes of consumption, allowing them to reach to our stomach before losing its strength. This not only helps the ingredients to improve their bioavailability but also does not leave any aftertaste nor unpleasant burps.

9. High Purity

Our innovative purification process ensures that contaminants such as heavy metals and chemicals are significantly lower than the maximum levels set by the EU commission.

10. Free From

Our product is 100% free from chemicals, artificial colours, synthetics, gluten, dairy, nuts, additives, preservatives, fillers and binders.

11.  Suitable For

We have ensured that our products are free from any animal-based ingredients and are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. They are also suitable for people following Kosher and Halal diet.


Chris R.

Verified owner

They help me with my arthritis especially in winter

Jiten Patel

Verified owner

Perfect for my joints

Naomi Thomas

Verified owner

Definitely recommend

Denise Darlington

Verified owner

My body starting to get some pain in my joint. I got this great supplement and no pain at all.Thank you so munch. Recommend to everybody

Kristoffer Hesselberg

Verified owner

I’ve been suffering with soreness in my knees and hip from running and the gym. I tried Bone and Joint Health for about 2 weeks so far and have noticed a real improvement in the flexibility and my recovery after a run. Very smart looking product and arrived on time.