Vegan Collagen Boosting Natural Plant-based Skincare, Vitamins for Healthy Skin with Antioxidants, Contains Vitamin D3 K2 C & E Zinc Niacin Biotin & SOD, Multivitamins for Women & Men,1 Month Supply

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🌟 Reduces the visible signs of ageing

✨ Improved skin elasticity and firmness.

🦵 Supports joint health and flexibility.

💅 Aids in promoting hair and nail growth.

🕒 Results in just 6 weeks

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One-of-a-kind 100% natural plant-based collagen booster supplement contains 3 clinically studied ingredients along with all essential vitamins and minerals without any of the nasties, unpleasant taste or smell found with marine or bovine-based collagen supplements.

Shown to reduce wrinkles, skin roughness, age spots and improves skin hydration in 6 weeks.
Increases antioxidant enzymes by up to 63%
Goes deeper into skin protection against harmful UV radiations by decreasing sunburn cells (SBC) by 72%

  • Helps To Increase Collagen Production in The Body
  • 100% Natural and Ethically Sourced Real Food Ingredients
  • Backed By Science and Clinical Studies
  • Highest Bioavailability
  • Suitable For Vegans and Vegetarians
  • Just 1 Easy to Swallow Capsule a Day
  • Free from: Chemicals, artificial colours, synthetics, gluten, additives, preservatives, fillers and binders
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Wow wow wow !!!! Brilliant product


I’m a 58 yr old woman experiencing the ravaging symptoms of menopause on my skin. I’ve tried everything, creams, serums, pills. Nothing worked until I found this product by Authentic Biotics. It’s truly amazing !!! All the ingredients are 100% natural and there are no hidden nasties. The pictures are a before and after with no filters or makeup. The difference this product has made to my skin is remarkable after just 4 weeks. Looking forward to seeing the long term results and will keep using for sure. Quick and easy to take. Just one capsule per day. Thankyou Authentic Biotics.

Really good stuff


I can see so much difference on my skin. It looks so much healthier and feels softer. It has so many vitamins in these, so it has many benefits. I definitely recommend this

Easy to swallow supplement with some interesting ingredients in.

Alex Bloodfire

This natural skincare supplement comes in a non-plastic dispensing pot with 30 capsules and a recommendation of taking 1 capsule per day.I'm always interested in looking out for new supplements to complement my workouts at the gym and overall health. I usually take collagen a lot and was interested in this product which says it promotes the body's collagen production through its wide array of nutrients.The capsules are easy to swallow with water and there is no aftertaste. It has an array of interesting ingredients from fruits, beans and herbs and I like that there are no fillers, synthetics, or preservatives and is vegan.I have only just started taking the capsules so I cannot confirm any results, but this is an interesting supplement and one I might consider in the future.

Premium Quality Natural Ingredients, Backed By Science

12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Supplement

1. Pro-Aging is the New Anti-Aging

We cannot stop aging! It is a normal and healthy part of life. Our Pro-aging supplement works with the body’s natural defences and works with the body instead of against it. The goal of our Pro-Aging care is to Protect, Hydrate, and Nourish the skin's barrier with essential natural ingredients.

2. Unique Plant-based Formulation with 3 Clinically Studied Ingredients

Our product contains Flavanols, Superoxide Dismutase SOD and Ceramides backed with clinical studies for improving the skin lipid barrier and skin hydration. All three act as powerful antioxidants and boost collagen synthesis significantly.

3. Different than Other Collagen Products

Why take added Collagen from cows and fish when you can boost your own collagen naturally? Our powerful formulation will work like a miracle and boost the natural synthesis of collagen without harming any species. Win-Win for everyone. Happy Souls, Happy Skin!

4. High Strength extracts in highly bioavailable form

Nutrients are useless if our body cannot utilize them. We take no shortcuts and select only optimal strength high-quality plant extracts that provide benefits of the required amount of micronutrients in a small dosage and are highly absorbable.

5. Traceability

We select only premium quality plant-based ingredients with complete transparency even if we have to source Natto beans extract and Konjac root extract from their origin in Japan and Grape seed extract from Champagne in France.

6. Ingredients Backed by Science

We have ensured that we use ingredients in our products which has scientific evidence to help improve the overall appearance of the skin in the appropriate dosages. We have also ensured that all our ingredients complement each other and provide a maximum synergistic effect.

7. Simple routine

With just one capsule a day, you will be able to replace the majority of your Beauty supplements.

8. Cost Effective

This synergistic blend helps you to avoid taking individual products which combined can end up becoming a costly option.

9. Easy to Swallow Capsules

Capsule shape and size are carefully designed to help with swallowing and avoid gags. They disintegrate after ~20 minutes of consumption, allowing them to reach to our stomach before losing its strength. This not only helps the ingredients to improve their bioavailability but also does not leave any aftertaste nor unpleasant burps.

10. High Purity

Our innovative purification process ensures that contaminants such as heavy metals and chemicals are significantly lower than the maximum levels set by the EU commission.

11. Free Form

Our product is 100% free from animals, fish, chemicals, artificial colours, synthetics, gluten, dairy, nuts, additives, preservatives, fillers and binders.

12. Suitable For

We have ensured that our products are free from any animal-based ingredients and are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. They are also suitable for people following Kosher and Halal diet.