Get Authentic

Being Authentic Matters

Our journey began with a big list of questions while buying multivitamins and food supplements for ourselves & our loved ones. What is the source of the ingredients used in food supplements? Are there any long-term side effects? Are there any 100% natural products without any additives and fillers?

It was difficult to find a good brand without any chemical or synthetic ingredients. If companies are claiming their products to be natural, are they traceable and authentic? To add to our curiosity, we found information online regarding a lot of adulteration in the natural herbal supplements market, which can be really harmful to consumers in the long run. Hence, we decided to set up a company that can provide safe, excellent quality all-natural supplements to everyone with complete 360° traceability.

No Chemicals/synth etics

We not only look at the nutritional values our products have to offer but also keep an eye on the unwanted stuff (chemicals & synthetic substances) which shouldn’t be there in our supplements.

We only make those products that we and our loved ones would feel safe and effective to consume on a daily basis knowing these are 100% free from any added chemicals and synthetically derived substances.

All Natural

Human body is engineered to consume, digest and extract its nutrition from natural plants, the way nature intended it to be.

The majority of food supplements available today are made from synthetic ingredients; ingredients made from inexpensive chemical compounds used as a base.
Food supplements that are made from 100% natural plants are easy to absorb, safe and effective helping our bodies stay healthy.
Natural supplements will always list food sources and are labelled as 100% plant based. Supplements that list nutrients individually, such as Vitamin C or use chemical names like ascorbic acid are most certainly synthetic.

360° Traceability

Traceability is at the heart of our company ethos. It starts with knowing and understanding each and every part of our supply chain from soil to supplements.

We strongly believe in seeking the benefits of Nature without degrading it and rather preserving its existence in a responsive manner.

We work with suppliers who share a similar ethos and who responsibly source and treat farm workers as a family.