Ageing of human skin is a continuous process, accelerated by both natural (hormonal, metabolic, and genetic) and unnatural factors (lack of nutrients in diet, smoking, UV/sun exposure, pollution, and chemical damage). Age directly impacts the connective tissues of the skin, reducing elastin and collagen fibres and causing symptoms of ageing like wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines. Lack of collagen can cause dermal thinning, leading to further skin damage.

Experts recommend both oral and topical collagen supplements to reduce the drastic impact of the loss of collagen on skin health. There are many natural collagen supplements available in the market too, but where to get started from? Let’s break down the complexities of collagen for better understanding, so you choose what’s best for your skin. 

What is collagen?

Collagen is the protein component of the body’s connective tissues, skin, hair, nails, bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It is also present in the intestinal lining, blood vessels, and organs. In mammals, collagen accounts for 30% of the total protein present in the body. It is the foundation of support, strength, and structure in the human body.

What are the main roles of collagen?

Better called anti ageing collagen, its specific roles include:

  • Replenishing dead skin cells.
  • Forming fibroblasts in the dermis (middle skin layer), helping new cell growth.
  • Providing structure and elasticity to the skin.
  • Assisting in blood clots.
  • Adding a protective layer to the organs.

With critical rejuvenating and revitalizing roles, collagen is vital for healthy-looking skin. But as we age, the existing collagen starts breaking down faster and replenishes with poorer quality. As women inch towards menopause, they face a significant reduction in natural collagen production. Alongside ageing symptoms, low collagen also has internal impacts like slow wound recovery.

This is why most people gravitate towards collagen supplements to decrease the impact of ageing on the skin, even when their natural collagen production reduces.

What are plant-based collagen boosters?

Humans have been reaping the benefits of collagen for a long time, but most of the topical and oral collagen supplements available in the market are sourced from animals. This is an absolute no-no for many people, as most of us now prefer plant-based and vegan products.

Plant-based collagen supplements are made of vitamin C, an antioxidant the body naturally utilizes to build collagen. Studies also prove that vitamin C is effective in collagen synthesis in the body.

As medical science has greatly advanced in the direction of veganism too, there are great vegan anti-aging collagen options available. The ingredients of these vegan collagen supplements are carefully picked such that they can bind the protein fibres in the body and have an anti-ageing impact. Several studies have tested and affirmed the efficacy of supplements in building collagen structures in the body, despite ageing.

Authentic Biotics has one of the best collagen for the skin, and it is a 100% vegan collagen builder with natural food ingredients. All of our ingredients are sourced from plants to ensure there is no risk of side effects. Suitable for both men and women, this vegan collagen is one of the best collagen supplements out there, as it can:

  • Improve skin health and appearance
  • Promote hair and nail growth
  • Exhibit antioxidant properties with an abundance of vitamin C
  • Strengthen the muscles and maintain proper functionality
  • Protect the skin from damage from UV radiation
  • Improve overall health with premium plant-based ingredients

Protecting the skin collagen naturally

To increase the efficiency of anti-ageing collagen supplements, we should also take steps to protect the skin’s natural collagen. Here are a few things you can do to maintain healthy skin collagen:

Use sunblock at all times

Keeping your skin safe from the environment is the first step to preventing low-quality collagen production. Wear sunscreen at all times, even indoors. Have a cloth to cover your face and body when getting exposed to the sun.

Avoid smoking

To have healthy skin, avoid smoking, tobacco products, and caffeine strictly as they can reduce your collagen levels. This is why the collagen supplement from Authentic Biotics is completely free from caffeine to give you maximum efficacy.

Have a diet rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C deficiency is associated with symptoms like slow wound healing and gum and bone health issues. Vitamin C can help build collagen in the body, so it’s a mandatory addition to the daily diet. Common food sources of vitamin C include broccoli, citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, strawberries, and red or green peppers. If your daily diet cannot match the vitamin C requirements, you can take supplements from Authentic Biotics. Our vegan supplement for collagen building includes naturally sourced vitamin C from Amla fruit.

Ceramides go a long way for healthy skin ageing

Ceramides are lipids spread across the top layer of the skin, i.e. the skin barrier, between the cell gaps. There are about nine different types of ceramides, comprising 50% of the skin barrier. This layer is extremely important to keep out different pollutants and lock the moisture in. Ceramides are important for younger looking skin and enhances the skin’s moisture content. Common sources of ceramides include eggs, dairy, soybean, spinach, and brown rice. At Authentic Biotics, we keep it natural by extracting ceramides from Konjac roots to create our vegan supplement for healthy skin.

Get the antioxidants right with Melon fruit and Grape extract

Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals that are produced in the body during metabolism. Any previous indulgence in tobacco consumption or smoking can also introduce free radicals in the body. Antioxidants can improve the collagen level in the skin and rejuvenate it. Common sources include blueberries, green tea, pomegranate, cinnamon, basil, oregano, and thyme essential oils. Melon fruit extract present in natural collagen supplements by Authentic Biotics is a great source of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) which is the most powerful antioxidant enzyme present in the body. Flavanol, recently recommended by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is also a great anti-oxidant. We source the Flavanols in our supplements from grapefruit extract to create a power-packed dose of goodness.

Alongside these, also ensure that your diet also meets the daily requirements of zinc and ceramides. Introducing plant-based supplements into your daily routine is a healthy way of providing all the necessary nutrients to your body.

In conclusion

Plant-based and vegan collagen by Authentic Biotics is free from all kinds of artificial colours, fillers, and binders, chemicals, gluten, additives, and caffeine. This ensures a healthy boost to the skin’s appearance and collagen quality without having any negative health impacts.

If you’re on the lookout for a great food supplement that can make your skin look younger, Pro-Aging Natural Skincare by Authentic Biotics is one of the best natural collagen supplement available. Trusted by experts with 100% plant-based ingredients, this anti-aging collagen can make your skin shine from within. Give your skin a natural boost with a natural, high-quality vegan anti-ageing supplement!