Happy Healthy New Year 2022! We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and took inspiration from our range of festive tips. But now is the time to really start taking care of your health.

The New Year is synonymous with resolutions, mainly surrounding health. It’s almost like having a clean slate where people can reinvent themselves for the better after a tough year. Keeping active and eating healthy leads to overall improvements in well-being after all, so why not make it your resolution this year?

So what can we do exactly in order to live a healthier life? Why should we anyway? All of us can be doing more in one way or another. This can lead to more success and happiness.

Note down these upcoming healthy New Year’s resolutions and never look back!

Get The Correct Amount Of Sleep

According to YouGov, 32% of Brits currently get seven hours of sleep each night, while 27% get six hours, 17% get eight, and 12% get five on average. So for your day to start right, you’ll need at least between 7-9 hours of sleep, depending on your age. Therefore, if you’re sleeping less than that, you’re already at a disadvantage when it comes to improving your health.

Is sleep something you are struggling with? Then question what it may be that keeps you awake at night. Is it your phone? Something bothering you? Do you think it may be a sleep disorder like insomnia? Visit a GP and find out the solution that works for you.

Do More Cardio, Then Build Muscle

You may now feel compelled to jump straight into the deep end and try all sorts of things, from running to weightlifting, but it’s smarter to plan out your fitness goals instead. Begin with cardio, which can help you see all those pounds melt away in all the right places from your bum to your tum!

Then you should look to build muscle where it’s mostly needed – particularly your arms, legs and stomach. With a fitter body, you will have more confidence in yourself, live longer and find other tasks much easier to cope with. It has been proven that only 11 minutes of cardio a day can help increase your longevity. Not only will your physical well-being improve, so too will your mental well-being. Look to strategise. Find out where you need to lose weight and how.

Implement A Balanced Diet

Maintaining a healthy body weight involves eating a wide variety of different foods in the right proportions, such as your five portions of fruit and vegetables, dairy products and high fibre starchy foods. Doing so will ensure you get the correct amount of vitamins and minerals. For example, we recommend swapping out that chocolate bar for a banana or apple. Instead of having a fry-up for breakfast, why not eat some cereal that’s high in fibre? There’s no stopping you from doing this. A balanced diet is vitally essential.

Are you missing out on any vitamins or minerals in your diet? Then look to our Organic Immune System Booster and Supplements for Mind, Brain, Anxiety and Stress to find true balance.

Support Your Core Values

Making all the right decisions for yourself and others around you can directly impact your mental well-being for the better. Identify what makes you happy – spending time with family or friends, reading, exercising – and fulfil these needs to support your core values fully.

Making the wrong choices can cause a lot of stress, leading to fatigue, anxiety and diarrhoea. What is your ultimate goal in life? And what daily tasks do you need to do to achieve them? To avoid failing, you need to strive toward something that will improve your life. Analyse your day and see what changes or tweaks can be made to meet those core values.

Take Health Supplements

Lastly, it’s important to ensure you get a daily recommended allowance of vitamins and minerals. Perhaps you’re a vegan or vegetarian and are missing out due to not eating animal products that contain specific vitamins. Or maybe you have an iron deficiency. If so, then health supplements may be an ideal addition to your healthy lifestyle.

It’s most likely that you need a Vitamin D supplement this time of year anyway due to the lack of sunlight providing it. So why not look into multivitamins such as our Organic Immune System Booster and Supplements for Mind, Brain, Anxiety and Stress? They are fully designed to help you reach your health resolutions for the New Year.

The Takeaway: Stick To Your Health Resolutions

It’s all good and well saying you’re going to keep fit and healthy, but it’s a whole different story actually committing. Our Organic Immune System Booster and Supplements for Mind, Brain, Anxiety and Stress are designed to help you on your journey; experience them for yourself.