Merry Christmas, one and all! Around the holiday season, we are always incredibly busy. Whether it be Christmas shopping, visiting loved ones, or wrapping presents, we don’t have enough time to think! As a result, simple things can be disregarded or even forgotten about.

One aspect is often our diet, including the intake of supplements which most likely went out the window as soon as December even started. And that’s not good for your health at all.

We recently discussed a number of Must-Have Vitamins and Minerals To Get You Through The Winter, but what specific impacts happen around Christmas time? Why should you take supplements now versus any other time of year? Here’s what you must consider:

Make Up For What You’re Missing Out On

During Winter, the sun rarely shines. That means you’re missing out on Vitamin D, which is gained mainly through sunlight. Not only that, but Vitamin C is also another important element as it helps protect our cells while keeping them healthy. Illnesses are rife around Christmas, so it’s best to stay cautious if you want to enjoy it to the max; no one wants their holidays spoiled!

Supplements, such as those containing Vitamin D or C, are recommended by health bodies and governing bodies during the Autumn and Winter months. This is to make up for what you’re missing out on. By taking action now, you will end up benefiting overall! (LINK TO UPCOMING PRODUCT WHEN LIVE)

Ward Off The Negative Impacts Of Alcohol

Many of us are partial to a pint or liqueur during Xmas. However, suppose you’re attending a party, enjoying the pub’s festive atmosphere, or having a nice quiet beverage at home. In that case, it’s sensible to take supplements to help with any damage it may cause your liver or head the next day.

Although it’s easier said than done, drinking less during the holiday season is the best way forward. Taking supplements to make up the Vitamin B damaged by alcohol can help alleviate the negatives, but it’s not a quick fix. You need to keep a good, varied balance here in order to stay fit and healthy. Our Brain Health Goals can help you get back on track with your Vitamin B; it’s full of Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 and B9 to help improve your cognitive function while reducing your stress and anxiety levels. Once your balance is back, you start to enjoy the month’s festivities more.

Boost Your Immune System

Going out to do Christmas shopping, meeting relatives, socialising at parties – all these and more could potentially lead to you contracting a virus-like Covid-19 or illness such as the flu. So instead of taking any chances, build up your defence barrier with supplements containing all the Vitamins and Minerals you could need. The body’s immune system is constantly battling on your behalf to protect you from becoming ill, so give it a boost. All of the above tasks are essential during Christmas; look at supplements the exact same way.

For immunity support, our Organic Booster has 100% Natural Real Food Ingredients so that you can benefit from an improvement in your general health and wellbeing. And it’s available to buy now!

Keep Up With Better Energy

Speaking of all these tasks, it will take a lot of energy to keep up with them. Are you feeling drained, tired, and unable to complete any of them physically? Well, it’s time to start taking supplements as Vitamin B is completely essential for converting food to energy.

Low Vitamin D levels can also lead to fatigue, while a lack of iron provides less oxygen to our cells and tissues. Good oxygen circulation is needed, or else you’ll end up feeling tired all the time, which isn’t ideal considering the number of things needed doing! We recommend you get in touch with your local GP to find out the cause of the problem, then consider supplements.

Help Your Gut Process Food

Vitamins A, B, C and D are essential in order for the digestive system to function properly. For example, Vitamin B is water-soluble. This means you cannot store them away for use later on, so they need to be a regular staple in your diet. Biotin is one such Vitamin B that helps the digestive system produce cholesterol and process proteins. Without it, we’re worse off.

At Christmas, we tend to overindulge in food. To help the digestive system process it all properly, it’s important to take supplements. Otherwise, we could end up feeling and be sick – something we desperately don’t need right now – so it’s best to be safe this Christmas if we want that extra slice of turkey!

The Takeaway: Don’t Skip Out On Supplements Just Because It’s The Festive Season

It’s crucial that you take supplements around Christmas like you would any other time of year. Our Organic Immune System Booster and Supplements for Mind, Brain, Anxiety and Stress are the perfect partners for just that. So stay healthy this holiday period; make it the best it can be!